·         Establishing community institutions :
Basic to CMDRR, DEC has established and supported community based Early Warning System and Community Development Committee in Afar and Adulala.
•Introducing Model DRR tools to the community:    DEC has introduced model environmentally friendly activities from which the community learns and adopts the technologies in their own accord. Examples of DRR tools in Adulala community learning Center: introduction of Biogas plant, the use of muddy blocks to construct house, plantation and introduction of multipurpose trees and grass species
• Community based nursery development: DEC supports the “development of community based nurseries in two operational areas; in Ayssaita   and Liben Chukala. The nursery sites focus mainly on multipurpose trees and indigenous trees seedlings developments
• Flood prevention: Through PDRA tool, the Galifaghe( Ayssaita) and the Adulala communities identified the hazard of floods. To halt the hazards the Adulala community has agreed to undertake NRM activities on mount Chukala, on the other hands the Galifghe community identified the need of constructing dam on Awash River. DEC is supporting the communities’ effort to reach on the anticipated outcomes.

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