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Let us support children for their holistic development

22 October 2015

Children of age 0-8 years are at the critical stages of holistic development (Physical, cognitive, emotional, language and psycho-social). To accelerate the holistic development of children of these age groups,...


01 November 2018

preschool material production (PMP) Through its involvement in the education sector over the last 10 years, DEC has realized that there is a huge unmet demand for learning and playing...

Case History

07 November 2018

Working a work on youth which gives relief to our mind makes us very happinesss. I am Elham Hussein. I was born in Asmara and grown to Bahir Dar city....


09 November 2018

DEC has been giving training for primary school and O_ Class Teachers, indoor to improve the quality of education. It supports schools by constructing new blocks


14 November 2018

"Good Jop! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in schools. Now...


21 November 2018

Development Expertise Center represented by its author, Addisu Abebe, presented an abstract on the impact of Comprehensive Sexuality Education up on Academic performance on youths.  The program is now under...

liben maintenance

15 January 2019

"Good Jop ! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in Liben area...


20 March 2019

REFERENCE BOOKS SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS DEC has been delivering different types of academic reference books for targeted program/ project schools in the second semester of the 2011E. C academic year....


26 March 2019

COMPUTERS IN SCHOOLS HAS BEEN MAINTAINED It has remembered that DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to support the teaching and learning process in schools. And there...

Ajoint monitoring

16 July 2019

Ajoint monitoring and evaluation of SUPPORTING CHILD DEVELOPMENT THROUGH CREATING CONDUCIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT project which has been implemented by DEC, visited and monitored by Bureau of Finance and Economic Development...

The 2019 Accelerated School Readiness (ASR)

20 September 2019

The 2019 Accelerated School Readiness (ASR) Two months of preschool learning have been going well both in Aysita and Berehalle towns of Afar region. About 500 children are attending ASR...

Accelerated School Readiness(ASR) Workshop.

01 November 2019

             Accelerated School Readiness(ASR) Workshop.DEC with Educan Foundation have conducted BSRP- ASR capacity building workshop for ASR implementing Partners and stake holders at the end...

mobilizing support training

01 November 2019

Development Experts Center has delivered the mobilizing support training from Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019 for nine NGO of Wilde Ganzen partners of Ethiopia. When people connect with each other and...

Since Amhara Lot 2

02 November 2019

Since Amhara Lot 2 Conducted National " Skill 4 Employment" conference with the participants of Italy, EU, Consortia members from Since Amhara, from the Delegation of Ethiopia FDRE Ministry of...


17 November 2019

     ICPD25 The ICPD25 summit which set out to empower women and girls for their safe, and for further benefit of their families, communities and nations, was a great...

O- grade facilitators training

20 November 2019

Supporting Early Learning Education (SELE)# O- grade facilitators training Liben Chukala District DEC with the support of its strategic partner Edukans Foundation has given training for five primary school O-...

DEC team we have shared our experience

06 December 2019

DEC team we have shared our experience with  ICASA   The experience from ICSA meeting in Rwanda is impressive and as DEC team we have shared our experience on how...

The Ethiopian GUSO alliance

13 December 2019

The Ethiopian GUSO alliance trained staffs of the member of the alliance including DEC, FGAE, TaYA and YNSD on data management and documentation of best practice from December 11-13, 2019,...

“Capability to Commit and Act ! ”

17 January 2020

#DEC STAFF CAPACITY BUILDING “Capability to Commit and Act ! ”@ Ambo/EthiopiaDEC has given capacity building training on : Case story writing, effective Communication and quality Report writing from January 13-15,...


01 May 2020

# DEC Contribute for Protecting COVID_19. @ Semera, Aysaita/Ethiopia.   Development Expertise Center (DEC) has Contribute 4 pieces of water container (Roto) to respond to COVID-19 pandemic for Aysaita refugee...

Fighting against COVID-19

04 May 2020

# Fighting against COVID-19 In response to COVID-19; DEC has been started production of standard face-masks at Bahir dar, Bedele, and Adulala districts and distributed to the communities to contribute...

Fighting against COVID-19 is continued!!!

13 May 2020

#Fighting against COVID-19 is continued!!! @ Bahirdar Area   DEC has Donate 2,000 ( Two thousand ) standard Face masks from his production Center to minimize the risk levels and...

#Fighting against COVID-19 is Still continued!!!

27 May 2020

#Fighting against COVID-19 is Still continued!!!@ Liben Chukala district, Adulala townDevelopment Expertise Center (DEC) with financial support of Wilde Ganzen has provided food aids, hygiene/sanitation materials and PPE for 150...


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