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#Fighting against COVID-19 is Still continued!!!

#Fighting against COVID-19 is Still continued!!!@ Liben Chukala district,…

Fighting against COVID-19 is continued!!!

#Fighting against COVID-19 is continued!!! @ Bahirdar Area   DEC has‚Ķ

Fighting against COVID-19

# Fighting against COVID-19 In response to COVID-19; DEC has been started…


# DEC Contribute for Protecting COVID_19. @ Semera, Aysaita/Ethiopia.  ‚Ķ

‚ÄúCapability to Commit and Act ! ‚ÄĚ

#DEC STAFF CAPACITY BUILDING ‚ÄúCapability to Commit and Act ! ‚ÄĚ@‚Ķ

The Ethiopian GUSO alliance

The Ethiopian GUSO alliance trained staffs of the member of the alliance…

DEC team we have shared our experience

DEC team we have shared our experience with  ICASA   The experience‚Ķ

O- grade facilitators training

Supporting Early Learning Education (SELE)# O- grade facilitators training…


     ICPD25 The ICPD25 summit which set out to empower women and‚Ķ

Since Amhara Lot 2

Since Amhara Lot 2 Conducted National " Skill 4 Employment" conference with the…