Health & Life Skills Development

SRH Program Challenges and Achievements

1.       Challenges ·         Most of our target areas are in rural and semi-rural areas, thus electric power and Network for internet utilization sometimes fluctuate interfering with the CSE programs ·         The long standing traditional and cultural attitudes towards sexuality have challenged comprehensive sexuality education. As a result, it required exert painstaking effort to the communication …

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SRH Program Strategies Employed

       Strategies Employed  Use of Innovative Approach Comprehensive Sexuality education (CSE)– Use of Age appropriate and culturally sensitive CSE manuals (WSWM and Meharebe)targeting in school and out of school youth.The World Starts with Me (WSWM) is computer based CSE designed for age 13+ and the second manual, Meharebe, is paper based developed for age 11-13. …

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SRH Program Objectives

     Objectives of the Program The main objective of the sexual reproductive health program is enhancing the knowledge, skill and attitude of youth & adolescents on sexual and reproductive health; leading to behavioral change which enables young people to make evidence based and informed decisions with responsible choices. The sexual reproductive health department has different …

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