Track records

 Thematic Areas


consolidated its present programme in Skill Development and

Education (SDE) as one of a major thematic area. Under this

thematic area the following major interventions are provided.

  • Youthempowerment for employment (YEE) and provision of¬†market¬†relevant¬†skills¬†training/Skill¬†Development¬†and¬†Education
  • (SDE).
  • Capacity building of existing TVET institution to provide market¬†relevant¬†skills¬†training
  • Promotionof¬†youth¬†and¬†women¬†entrepreneurship
  • Promotionof cluster of SMEs development, coop formation and¬†micro¬†credit¬†support¬†services
  • Promotionof¬†income¬†generating¬†activates¬†(IGA)


 Lessons learnt

The lessons learnt during our project implementation period were:

  • Wellorganized and effective implementation of project activities¬†has contributed in equipping vulnerable youths and women with¬†market relevant skills and makes them ready for work, contribute¬†to reduction of unemployment, decrease irregular migration and¬†enter¬†in¬†to¬†the¬†labour¬†market.
  • 7-stepsapproach helped us to provide market relevant skills training, reducing the mismatch between training provider and labour
  • market and facilitate employment linkages after trainee raduation and it helped us to develop training programs and materials such as labour market assessment tool, job profile, curriculum¬† frame work, training modules and trainees monitoring tool.
  • Vision development training was a good model that enabled us to select the committed and motivated trainees who have a true interest for skills training and it helped us to minimize dropout¬†rate.
  • Private enterprises involvement in the project implementation¬†period was very crucial for provision of quality cooperative training/apprenticeship,¬†to¬†get¬†constructive¬†feedback¬†on¬†the¬†processof providing market relevant training and also for employment¬†linkage.
  • Frequent coaching, support and follow up is very important to¬†ensure the quality of training in line with the curriculum frame¬†work and job profiles and also it very helpful to shape different¬†changes¬†with¬†dynamic¬†market¬†needs.