The sub-components of the Gender & Life Skills Development Program are:

  • Integrated Life Skill Education
  • User-Friendly Service Promotion
  • Male Female Engagement Promotion

HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention Education The specific objectives of the Gender & Life Skills Development Program are:

  • To enhance  the   knowledge,  skill, and   attitude    of adolescents & youth on HIV/AIDS, STDs, sexual and reproductive Gender issues
  • To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, support and give priority to the victims of HIV/AIDS both at the program and organizational level
  • To make all programs HIV/AIDS sensitive
  • To enable adolescents & youth to make evidence-based and informed decisions with responsible choices regarding their sexual and reproductive Gender
  • To empower the local community and parents to initiate and bring a more sustainable change in positive behavior and practices of adolescents & youth towards sexual & reproductive Gender
  • To capacitate Gender service providers in improving user-friendly services
  • To promote Gender engagement
  • To empower women to claim their rights and fight against any form of gender-based discrimination and mistreatment
  • To encourage women to play an active role in DEC programs and among the community
  • To enforce the implementation of organizational gender policy at all levels