Objectives of lobby and Advocacy theme


  1. To solve specific problems that face our target groups
  2. To educate and increase the awareness of our target groups so that they claim to exercise their rights
  3. To mobilize community and government resources towards sustainable community prioritized development needs.
  4. To influence moral and legal forms
  5. To ensure accessibility of services by the communities.



To enhance the capacity of its target beneficiaries so that they are able to identify and prioritize their development needs and collaborate for sustainable development.

Strategies deployed includes:

  1. Identify Advocacy issues through participatory assessment
  2. Organize tailor-made Capacity Development to the targeted beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders
  3. Mobilize resources within the communities
  4. Facilitate the lobby and advocacy events
  5. Mentor and follow the advocacy and lobby results.

Goal 2

To influence development agents so that they cooperate for sustainable development by closing working with the CBOs/communities and not for direct support.


  1. Capacity development
  2. Practical demonstration of developments works accomplished by communities/CBOs to the development agents
  3. Strengthen the influence and collaboration with the Agency for Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders to Community initiated development plans