Key tools & approaches of Child Development 

Star School Model

is comprehensive model to improve school learning, teaching, management, school environment and community participation. This approach has about ten modules provided by high level expertise in two years long time. It has five pillars.

  1. Safe learning environment
  2. Learners
  3. Teachers
  4. School management
  5. community

Other tools

  • Classroom Filming it is a practical assessment of teachers capability in provision of learning ;and analysis of the practice indicates problems and the intervention direction
  • AKVo flow /Edu.q card/ is an innovative technology that uses app to assess the level of school in various components with involvement of school community, parents, education expertise and program person.
  • SLSSH ( Student Lead School Sanitation and Hygiene) – it is an approach in which students in school establish clubs and lead their school sanitation and hygiene activities
  • Aflatoun – Social and Financial Education of children training Modules.
  • EDU-Q Card is a newly developed school-based instrument ( app) built upon the main principles of Star school model.
  • AFL –  Assessment for Learning(AFL) practical   training manual 
  • SMT- School Management Training  manual 
  • ATL –  Active Teaching and learning