Get Up speak Out (GUSO) Project

The Get up Speak Out-GUSO program in Ethiopia, aims on increasing the engagement of young people, concerning their SRH wellbeing, at every stage of program implementation; and thus, their empowerment to make informed choice. Young people have improved skills and knowledge, whereby there will be an enhanced and positive attitude among community members, stakeholders and institutions like schools and health facilities regarding Sexuality and Reproductive Health services for young people.  Young people, being core actors themselves in the program, are empowered to speak up and play active roles in voicing their SRHR.

In this regard, the SRH challenges of young people in general, and availability, accessibility and affordability of adolescent and youth friendly SRHR information and services in particular would be addressed through the GUSO program. Interventions strategies are designed to address influencing factors at: the level of individuals that target young people (10-24 years old) themselves, their closest surrounding environment such as family and peer groups; institutions like health, school, associations; and influencing factors at the higher policy level. The GUSO program in Ethiopia do not just help young people but rather empower them to be agents of change, with support and in partnerships.

The GUSO program in Ethiopia, therefore, considers that young peoples’ active engagement at an informed and empowered level will contribute to exercising enjoyable SRHR, thus, they will be placed at a much better position to make informed choices and decisions.

The GUSO program is five years (2016-2020) program funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Netherlands and being implemented in Addis Ababa city administration mainly in three sub-cities.