Core Programs Components Goals & Strategies

Core Program – 1: Child Development

The components of the Child Development Program are:

    • Early Childhood Care & Development
    • Promotion of Quality Education
    • Promotion of Access to Education
    • Promotion of Child Safeguarding
    • Promotion of Education Emergency

The specific objectives of the Child Development Program are:

    • To improve the safeguarding of children from different kinds of abuse, neglect, and address the problems related to child development.
    • To enhance the role of parents or guardians in the improvement of care and development of children at an early age.
    • To enhance the development of the child through improving nutrition, hygiene & sanitation, education, and Gender status.
    • To improve the academic performance of low achiever students to enhance creativity and talent.
    • To improve access to quality education for marginalized and disadvantaged children.
    • To enhance girls’ equal participation and competence beyond secondary school.
  • To improve hygiene & sanitation, and Genderstatus of target school children.
  • To enhance the five pillars of the star school model (parents & community involvement, learning environment, learning & teaching, innovation & integration, education leadership & management). To achieve these objectives the following two goals and appropriate strategies are developed.