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Thematic Areas

  • Early childhood care and Development /Education (ECCD/ECCE) Accelerated school readiness,  Pastoral  Mobile schools
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education ( with special focus on Girls )
  • School WASH
  • Self-help Group (SHG ) and cluster level Association (CLA)
  • Emergency in Education ( including refugee setting)
  • Child Protection and child save guarding
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Addressing the problems of children with disabilities
  • Lobby and advocacy on child rights and services

Lesson Learnt

  • Capacitating school teachers have a significant contribution to improve students achievement and  increases enrolment
  • Supporting children families and capacitating children family helped to sustain children education
  • Comprehensive intervention mechanism like Star School model really contribute to  school improvement and  promote save learning environment
  • Focusing on capacity  development of regional and district level expertise ,and school principals enhance the implementation and effectiveness  of programs  in schools
  • Technology-based school level assessment provide participatory and reliable data for intervention
  • Creating a strong partnership with different agencies and stakeholders make the service more effective and sustainable
  • Strong community mobilization, effective participation enhance a sense of ownership during project implementations

Challenges And Successes

Success  General

Key Achievements


  • Addressing complex, broad needs and long-serving problems of society /community needs critical prioritization and selection and possibly rise conflicts of interest; therefore it needs to empower the community as they find solutions of their own.
  • A limited resource to uniformly serve and provide targets groups; for example, it is too challenging to capacitate each and every teacher in school; rather tries to scale up through other means; that may cause quality issues.