The following are the important assumptions underlying the successful implementation of the five-year strategic plan of DEC. These are:

  • Government policies and procedures will remain favorable for CSOs/NGOs operating in the country.
  • Concerned Regional, Zonal, Woreda, and Kebele Administration sectoral offices will continue to collaborate with DEC in realizing its goals and objectives.
  • Donors will continue to provide the necessary support for DEC towards the achievement of objectives set in the strategic plan.
  • Critical/Strategic issues identified in developing the current SP are well taken care of.
  • DEC’s capacity in terms of appropriate human power (board, management, and staff), structure and systems of operation, etc., will be built to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and accountability during the plan period.
  • Target beneficiaries will actively involve in problem identification, prioritization, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, to ensure ownership and sustainability.