There are several risks related to the implementation of this Strategic Plan.s The following are the major risks identified for consideration:

  • Shortage of Fund: Under the current international trend of diverting financial resources to major conflict areas and supporting refugees grant funding may reduce and the non-availability of the financial resource will affect the operating costs of the organization. There is no assurance that the en-tire planned budget will be secured.
  • Systems Development & Enforcement: The absence of the standard, well documented, internalized guidelines, work standards, and compliance at all levels of the organization may hamper the successful implementations of the plan. There is a need for developing, ensuring internalization, and enforcing the implementation of policy guidelines that designate responsibilities for assuring the success of this plan.
  • Effect of Devaluation: The impact of the devaluation of the Birr has mixed understanding among different donors. Some donors stick to the hard currency budget allocation which has a positive impact during devaluation while some consider the original converted Birr amount which has a negative impact on project implementation because of the resulting loss of budgeted amount.
  • Inconvenient Regulations & Directives: The government might introduce inconvenient regulations and directives that hinder the smooth implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Poor Communication: The absence of an effective and agreed communication strategy in disseminating the plan may result in poor information flow and thereby delay decision-making. This will result in a risk of failure and/or delay in the implementation of the Plan.
  • Lack of Ownership: The lack of ownership by the stakeholders, for instance, project beneficiaries, may lead to failure in the implementation of the strategic plan. The best way of mitigation is to work with all partners to bring the risks to a manageable scale of operation and resource requirement

through designing appropriate strategies with open and transparent consensus-building, systems development, and building internal capacity.