Strategy & Activities : Skills & Entrepreneurship development program


In order to achieve the major objective of the Skills & Entrepreneurship program; different implementation strategies and methodologies have been exercised by DEC. These are:

  • Promote income-generating activities (IGA)
  • Change the game academy approaches

Major Activities

The major activities of this program are youth and women empowerment for employment, capacity building of existing TVET colleges and key stakeholders, cooperative formation, facilitation of micro credit support and market chain facilitation, promotion of cluster of SMEs/companies/private enterprises/business firms, value chain development and promotion of public private partnership. The aforementioned major activities are accomplished by using the following innovative tools and methodologies:

  • 7 steps approach
  • Active Teaching strategies and Learning Methods (ATLM)
  • Business development service (BDS)
  • Vision development training
  • Life skills training
  • Coaching skills training
  • Work based learning
  • Cooperative training/apprenticeship
  • Work based learning approaches
  • Portfolio development/project-based training approach
  • Providing training for trainees on
  • Labour market assessment and job profile development