I Know I Can for Informed Decision

Background of the Project

 Being funded by Packard foundation I know I can is another project under implementation by DEC. The project working approaches are:-

1. Establishing Education of Health and well Being Clubs

2. Providing Education of Health and Wellbeing by using whole class approach

3. Using Female Teachers in order to educate lonely girls approach,

4. Using Male Teachers in order to educate boys accordingly about their Health and Well Being by using Comprehensive “Marabe” Manual.

Objective of the program

To provide education of Health and Wellbeing in primary schools.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Adolescent girls and boys aged from 10-24 in upper primary schools

Where we implement those projects

In Oromia regional states Bacho, Jimma, Bedele, Guto Gida


Able to digitalize Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) manual or “Meharebe Manual)