Goals of Gender & Life Skills Development Program

Goal 1

To Promote Attention to and understanding of HIV/ AIDS & STDs Issues Within the Context of DEC Organizational Operation and Developmental

Programs Strategies

  • Facilitate and increase responses to HIV/AIDS in DEC programs and at the internal organization level through the collaborative action of different stakeholders, the staffs of the organization, and target communities
  • Disseminate information, share experience and knowledge,
  • Extend psycho social and economical support for the needy/ victims of the epidemic

Goal 2

To promote Comprehensive Sexuality Education in As during the Sexual and Reproductive Gender Development of Target Communities.


  • Mobilize and sensitize the community on sexual and reproductive Gender using traditional forums and experiences.
  • Use age-appropriate and culture-sensitive comprehensive sexuality Education procedures.
  • Create an enabling environment in Gender services to attract youth.
  • Partner with stakeholders with similar goals.

Goal 3

To promote attention to and understanding of gender issues within the context of DEC organizational & program  operations