GUSO Target Beneficiaries

The GUSO program in Ethiopia addresses the SRH challenges among target groups of young people 10 to 24 years of age primarily engaging themselves and thereby reducing barriers that hinder their genuine or meaningful participation. Furthermore, in order to address lack of comprehensive knowledge on SRH and improve access of young people to quality and friendly SRH services, the program has duly considered interventions on comprehensive SRH information and education. More importantly, with the intention of sustainably addressing the multi-faceted problems mentioned above, the GUSO program of Ethiopia engages on creating an enabling environment for equitable and youth-friendly SRH entitlements, and thereby reduce barriers at the societal and structural levels

Primary Target Groups: Vulnerable young people, specifically: those with different forms of disabilities, young people living with HIV, junior secondary and high school students, as well as out of school youth including commercial sex workers and street boys and girls among others. On the other hand,

Secondary Target Groups: Parents, Teachers, Religious leaders, School directors and Community gate keepers.