Get Up speak Out (GUSO) Project

Back Ground of the projects

The Ethiopian Alliance for the Get Up Speak Out [GUSO] Program is composed of Development Expertise Center (DEC), Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE), Talent Youth Association (TaYA), and Youth Network for Sustainable Development (YNSD) which is under implementation in Addis Ababa City Administration primary schools.

Objective of the program

The GUSO objective is to address the Health related challenges among the target groups of young people from 10 to 24 years of age primarily engaging them and thereby reducing barriers that hinder their genuine or meaningful participation.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Adolescent girls and boys aged from 10-24 in upper primary schools

Where we implement those projects

Addis Ababa City Administration


Successful in providing Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) at School level


Able to digitalize Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) manual or “Meharebe Manual)