The Ethiopian Alliance for the Get Up Speak Out [GUSO] Program is composed of Development Expertise Center (DEC), Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE), Talent Youth Association (TaYA), and Youth Network for Sustainable Development (YNSD). The Alliance members have been working together through the previous UFBR (United for Body right) and ASK (Access, Service and Knowledge) Alliances and had the opportunity to engage together. 

To briefly describe the member institutions of GUSO Alliance in Ethiopia; all have their HQs and intervention sites in Addis Ababa. They also have other programs implemented out of Addis Ababa, though with varying scope and program priorities. With regards to the GUSO program, all of the Alliance members have a priority of Adolescent and Youth SRH, where they take both individual and joint responsibilities in the implementation of the proposed program. The GUSO alliance members in Ethiopia had the experience of undertaking joint activities together at grass roots level and evidenced important lessons of complementarily.  More importantly, all of the GUSO Alliance members in Ethiopia own a good experience in engaging with a common advocacy agenda for CSE consideration at national policies. The member has also a joint engagement in facilitating a forum for young people to voice their demands.

Development Expertise Center (DEC) was established in 2007, which works in partnership with grass-root communities, government structures, CBO’s and donors to contribute towards the national development efforts through integrated, decentralized and sustainable program interventions. Among others, DEC  has a good track records in Comprehensive Sexual Education in school and contextualized, age and cultural appropriate and gender sensitive CSE manual as well as master trainers on CSE. DEC is operating in Addis Ababa city administration and 3 regions. 

Family Guidance Association is a volunteer-based Association established in 1966, which pioneered Family Planning (FP) services in Ethiopia. FGAE is an accredited member of IPPF, joining the Federation since 1970. Over the last five decades, FGAE’s services have expanded from a single-room clinic run by one nurse to a network of 55 integrated SRH service delivery facilities including more than 200 outreach sites and 300 franchised private clinics. FGAE is operating in two city Administrations and 8 of the 9 regions of Ethiopia. FGAE envisages that “All people in Ethiopia enjoy Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” through providing “comprehensive, integrated, quality and gender-sensitive SRH programs and services focusing on youth, underserved & vulnerable population”.

Talent Youth Association is youth led organization founded in 2003, which has been engaged in youth development programs since its inception. With its strategic plan, TaYA focuses on three thematic areas: adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health, youth economic empowerment, and promoting meaningful participation of young people in matters that affect their lives. Moreover, TaYA has been involved in African regional youth development activities, contributing not only to Ethiopian youth development, but also to African youth development endeavours especially in areas of youth participation, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health.  

Youth Network for Sustainable Development is a consortium of more than 160 youth organizations at national level, established in 2003 by four school clubs and 15 youth Associations.

YNSD has a vision to “see Ethiopian Youth as an agent of sustainable development with healthy, productive and self-reliant.”The YNSD network is purely set up to compliment the development efforts in Ethiopia by “inspiring and coordinating youth-led and youth focused programs on the areas of Youth Empowerment, HIV&AIDS and SRH, ICT and Environment”. It is also focusing on Climate Change, operating with its member youth organizations and associations working at grass-roots level.