World Teachers Program (WTP)

World Teachers’ Program was conducted in 5 primary schools of Debretabor town in collaboration with Begemeder College of Teachers’ Education (CTE) and the town education office. In the same way to EEE, Begemeder CTE and the town education office have participated in the program by assigning college instructorsand educational expertswho fully engaged in the program


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equipped 25 primary school teachers and 6 CTE tutors with the skill of active learning and effective lesson preparation
• Developed the skill 24 Education Management Team (EMT), 5 supervisors and 3 DEO experts with the effective school management and leadership skill
12DEC – Edukans

• Inspired and motivated 10members of education sector in the district
Mr. Hailegiorgis Faressa is an education expert in DEO and He shared his view of the CFS project as follows:
“DEC and PIE are working on quality education improvement perfectly in our district Becho from January 1st 2013 at the 5 targeted primary schools. In the interventions, our schools are well-equipped in school facilities like students’ desks, teacher’s chairs, tables and library shelves. In addition, computers, printers, digital camera, tape recorders, TVs, different reference books are provided. To improve the school sanitation and hygiene, water tankers, garbage can are made available; water line and toilets are constructed. In addition to the provisions, different trainings which help to assure quality education are given for parents, students, teachers and school administration. Students are trained on: student led school sanitation and hygiene (SLSSH), Child protection mechanism, green club and sexuality education. Teachers are supported with peer learning, active learning training, and experience sharing visits. School directors, School PTSA, District level project advisory committee and district and Zone level Education office expertise are trained on the contribution of school management on improvement of quality of education through creating clean ,sanitized and interactive school environment. So, I would like to wish long live and thanks for DEC.”