Star-School Model

Star-School Model is one of the major projects designed to improve students’ academic achievements through School Improvement Program


to improve the school situation by focusing on the five dimensions


School Environment, Teaching- Learning process, School Leadership and Management, Community Participation and Integration& Innovation.
In the year 2014,DEC has been implementing the bridging phase of Star-School Model project in two National Regional States of the country. In Amhara National Regional State, 9 CRC schools were addressed in three districts: South Achefer, Mecha&Merawi and Bahir Dar-Zuria. The project is also implemented in Oromia National Regional State, 8 CRC schools in Guto-Gidda district, East Wellega.
Totally, the project has addressed 72,000 (50% Female) primary school children in 17primary schools which are Cluster Resource Centers (CRCs). Other 37 satellite schools are also benefiting from the project through their respective CRC schools.
The project has recorded major achievements described hereunder:
• 95 teachers are capacitated with active learning approaches and currently adopting the child centered teaching learning approach
• 17 Primary schools linked to the nearby College of Teachers’ Education (CTE) (Nekemte&Fenote-selam) and effective supervision and on-job support is facilitated
• 90 School leaders and 201 Parent Teachers Association (PTA) members are capacitated to play effectively and manage the school development program
• 2 new reading rooms and 2 toilets were constructed with the project input and community participation
• 95 school teachers able to use ICT for lesson preparation. In addition, 450 students get access to computer skills.
• Academic achievement of students improved (averagely from 67% to 85%)