Star school

Background of the Project

Star school project is one of the projects that work directly on education and in schools. It contributes to the provision of better quality primary education, equitably by which students’ learning outcomes (academics, social, emotional) improved, dropout rates decreased and transition to secondary level increased. DEC implement the project with the support of Edukans foundation.

Objective of the project

  • To implement the five dimensions of STAR School model fully so that inclusive, well-functioning & conducive  schools for boys & girls created;
  • To improve average score of students by 5% in targeted schools by the end of 2021;
  • To improve the study habits and average number of hours students spent in doing home works, study and reading at home by 2 hours on average through provision/loan and utilization of ‘the waka-waka study light’

Target groups and beneficiaries

  • Students
  • Key teachers
  • School management team
  • Parents teacher Association
  • College of teachers education teachers

Where we implement those projects

  • The project will be implemented in primary schools found in Oromia, Amhara, Afar regional states as well as Addis Ababa city, Ethiopia

Successes /Achievements

  • Trained Number of   teachers contributed for school improvement; and improves leadership in the targeted schools.
  • Collaboratively work with collage of teachers education and


  • Use innovative tools   to record teacher experience
  • Star school packages – to improve school
  • Apply technology / applications to collect school data