Right Here Right Now 2 (RHRN2)

This Right Here Right Now 2 (RHRN2) program is expected to be implemented from year 2021-2025 with strategic objective aimed at enabling the young people in all their diversity enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights in gender-just societies. The RHRN2 program drive motive is to bring young people as forefront partner and critically empower them with SRHR. The RHRN2 Specific Outcomes are
1.Empowered young people make decisions about their reproductive health, voice their needs and claim their rights
2.A critical mass reinforces positive norms and values regarding young people’s SRHR and gender justice
3.Policy Change: Government adopt, implement and account for human rights-based policies and laws that enable young people’s SRHR and gender justice.
4.Strengthened civil society for young people’s SRHR and gender Justice.
The implementation area of the program is in 4 sub-cities (Bole, Yeka, Kirkos and Akaki Kaliti) of Addis Ababa City where 33.43 percent of the population is young and seek critical information and education on SRHR. The program intends to address 42,630 young populations and 240 parents directly and 1242 intermediary indirectly the whole project life. After a year of learning from the implementations, it will be expanded to Oromia regional states.

The program is run by alliance encompasses Development Expertise center (DEC), Talent Youth Association (TaYA), Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association (EWDNA) and Organization for the Development of Women and Children-Ethiopia (ODWACE). In addition, Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) and Afrihealth TV will be technically collaborating partners for the RHRN2 programme. The alliance is led by DEC which has over a decade rich experiences in addressing young people SRHR and gender issues.