Girls’ Power Project

The project has been mobilizing the stakeholders and community to contribute for girls’ education; providing trainings for teachers and students; capacitating girls through Girls’ Ambassadors and Girls’ Club. With the interventions at individual, societal, institutional, CBO and CSO levels


to enable Girls and Young Women to have knowledge and skills to shape their own lives in primary schools.


Enabled experts from the stakeholders: school administrators, District Education Officers, Women and Child Affairs experts, community representatives, PTAs and CBOs (total of 65 members) to support girls’ education
• Trained and capacitated 60 academically well performing girls as‘Girls Ambassadors’ from 5 target primary schools
• Enabled 25 school teachers with basic computer skills, active learning methods and gender sensitive pedagogy
• Communities valued girls’ education and encouraged girls and young women to continue with their study
• Primary schools are accessed with improved social, academic, and physical environment that indulgence girls’ education
• Enhanced participation and representation of girls and young women in targeted Community Based Organizations around targeted schools
• In sum, the project has transformed the existing situation at individual, social and community level and enabled girls successfully complete primary school and join secondary school.