Fit 4 Better Life

Background of the Project

The project entitled “Fit for Better Life (F4BL has been designed and implemented in Aysaita district, Afar National Regional State .

In response to these problems, the F4BL project was designed with an interrelated program that targets children, their families/care givers and the community in general.

Objective of the project:

  • To contribute to the wellbeing of children by creating a conducive environment for their growth and development.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

  • Children,
  • unemployed youths
  • Poor women
  • pastoralist community
  • Schools, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) ,
  • Skills Training Centers,
  • Direct Beneficiaries


Where we implement that project

Afar national regional state, Ayisaita district in five targets Kebele’s or interventions areas

Successes /Achievements


  • Enrollment and Quality of Education Enhanced:
  • Students in lower grade (1-4) enjoyed Seats (desks) in 4 kindergarten and 4 mobile schools, outdoor playing grounds are facilitated, which contributes reduction of drop outs;
  • Improved the education management and community participation:
  • Enhanced the participation of children at different levels through various children clubs (girls club, environment club, child right clubs, etc.) in the learning teaching and community development processes.
  • Improved Academic Performance; reduced Dropout and Repetition Rates of children:
  • Created Conducive and Friendly Learning Environment:
  • Improved Girls’ Participation:
  • Improved Institutional Capacity of Schools:
  • The attitude and understanding of SHG members on the negative impact of HTPs is promising and encouraging. Member of the SHGs started to talk openly about these HTPs and fighting them aggressively.
  • Supported the youth to engage in On-farm:
  • Enhanced the livelihood skills of women and youth:



  • DEC has implemented Mobile primary  school for pastoral communities