Entrepreneurship & Food Security Program

Foundation: envisages contributing to substantial and sustainable income for youth/young people, and particularly those who are marginalized for one reason or the other through improved access and enhanced quality & relevance of vocational education to the demands of the labor market. It brings in new actors into development cooperation, the education and private sector in particular. The program is implemented by 11 partners in Addis Ababa, Amhara, Oromia and Gambela regions.


To ensure the food security of the targeted communities through promotionof sustainable technical and entrepreneurship skills, improved livelihood earnings through diversified resource base and value chain development.


Strong collaboration with 8 Agricultural vocational education and trainings (AVETs), 1 Farmer Training Center (FTC) and 8 Private companies
• Strong support from respective district level government offices and MFIs
• Sharing and learning through networks such as Agriprofocus and ICCO Cooperation