Early Childhood Care and Development

ECCD is to contribute for the enhancement of children wellbeing through Early Learning Programs and Enhancing Parenting Roles.
The targeted community members have been actively involved in the process of ECCD project implementation. Parents and primary caregivers are more know-ledged on child development, child development index and positive parenting. To attain this objective, 608 members are organized in 32 PGs, and trained in child wellbeing index and actively involved in cooperative learning in AndasaKebele. Among 608 members 466 were illiterate at the beginning of the program, but now 123 members became literate, 84 members read and write their names. This has helped the PGs members to understand more about the child development index, childcare, nurturing and educating. 16 PGs were also organized in the new intervention area (Wenjeta Kebele) with 320 members.


to contribute for the improvements of children’s wellbeing through implementing quality Early Learning Programs and Enhanced Parenting Roles.


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