Background of the Project


Engaging women Self Help Groups(SHG), CSOs and the State towards accountable and responsive governance on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Afar Region , Aysiata district is the project name. The project aspires for gender transformation focusing on fighting gender based violence by engaging grassroots level organized. Through HSG approaches project engages the duty bearers by capacitating them to enforce the already existing policies and frameworks to respond to the problems of GBV and women rights issues and become accountable for their action. In addition, the direct participants of this project, grassroots SHG women has been capacitated on existing policies and legal framework on women rights and equipped with advocacy, lobby and negotiation skills to engage in open dialogues and consultations particularly with regional and sub-regional government bodies, law enforcing agencies and other authorities.

Objective of the project:

To contribute to the promotion and protection of women and girls right in the intervention area

Target groups and beneficiaries:

  • Women (SHG institutions),
  • CSOs,
  • CBOs and the government stakeholders.

Where we implement that project

  • Afar national regional state, Ayisaita district,

Successes /Achievements

  • Enhanced capacity of women SHG institution to advocate for the right of women to fight against GBV in the target area
  • Enhanced engagement of women  SHG institutions, CSO and state  on GBV and its response mechanism
  • SHG institutions provided with skills on mitigating of GBV
  • Women SHGs institutions engaged with WROs
  • Increased capacity of relevant government stakeholders for constructive engagement with SHGs, CSOs and Community
  • Enhanced organizational capacity development and PI’s institutional capacity