BSRP (The Building Self-reliance for refuges and hosting community)

Background of the Project

BSRP – Building Self-reliance for Refuges and Hosting community is a program intended to improve the basic social service delivery / BSRP/of Education in Afar region state. It has been implemented to benefit both refugee and hosting communities in Aysaita and Barhalle districts. The project had targeted 21 schools at both targeted Districts.
Objective of the project
• To Increase access to effective & efficient learning environments for refugee & host communities (8 host-woreda schools, 2 refugee schools).
• Educational oversight systems & coordination mechanisms strengthened between refugee camp organizations & government structures at woreda/school levels
• To Increase knowledge on programming for self-reliance within refugee contexts amongst education sector stakeholders (REB, WEO, ARRA, Implementing Partners -IPs)
Target groups and beneficiaries
• Students
• Teachers
• School principals
• Girls students
• School community
• District education office
• Implementing Partner
Where we implement those projects
• Afar Region at Aysaita and Barhalle Districts in 21 targeted schools
Successes /Achievements
• All targeted school teachers and school principals have been attended about active teaching and Learning at classroom.
• Schools sanitation and Hygiene activities change student and parents attitude on personal and environmental Hygiene protections
• More than 2000 children’s attended Accelerated School Readiness program and children were accessed preprimary education with accelerated program,
• Girl’s student’s hygiene corner constructed and fully started its function at targeted schools.
• The program has enhanced the relationship between host community and Refugee different game organized at school level
• Parents Teachers Association (PTA) awareness’ have enhanced on resource mobilizations and community awareness on their role have been increased.
• Standard school block and latrine have been constructed at both Aysaita and Barhalle Districts.
• Prepare Audio lesson for grade one to Eight students and distributed lesson using USB during COVID-19 pandemic