Background of the Project


Aflatoun is one  projects of Child Development Program at Developmental expertise center. It is a project supported by Wilde Ganzen and StartUp4 kids’ foundation of the Netherlands. It has been designed to improve the situation of children with disabilities in Ethiopia. In addition, to the regular program, the project made successfully participated in activities that connect Ethiopian children with their Dutch counterparts through the ‘klas4klas’ program. This has helped to widen the scope of the children.

In the last 7 years, Aflatoun projects have reached more than 1,348 children with disabilities in ninety/19/ special need schools, rehabilitation centers, and disability associations in Addis Ababa. DEC Aflatoun has a long-term vision to expand Aflatoun Child Social and Financial Education across Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To achieve this goal a lot of activities are being organized.  DEC with financial support from Wilde Ganzen and StartUp4Kids will support the Afaltoun activities for the benefit of the targeted CWDs in schools.

The objective of the project

The overall objective of the project is ,contributing to good quality education and improve access to the job for vulnerable and disabled school children in Addis Ababa.

Target beneficiaries

  • Persons with disability, women, and children
  • special need Schools
  • Families of children
  • Government education expertise
  • School teachers
  • school teachers


Where we implement those projects

The projects has been implemented in Addis Ababa

Successes /Achievements

  • Increases the community awareness about disability
  • Set personal goals for saving and promote regular payments to accomplish every child with disabilities goal,
  • Execute social, environmental, and financial projects in groups to solve relevant problems identified by the children through the Aflatoun concept,
  • Implement basic playgrounds, recreational and green areas for children,
  • Accessibility for children with disabilities at school compound
  • Improved the sanitation and hygiene at schools,
  • Improve skills of the teachers on social, financial, and business education
  • Involve parents in the education of their children.