Active Teaching Learning (ATL)


Background of the Project


Active Learning Method (ATL) is a project and a tool in Development Expertise Center. It a project, that has been implemented to enhance the capacity of school teachers in Ethiopia. The project has been providing practical capacity development on the identified gaps. It has improved the facilitation skills of teachers and increases learners’ participation which in turn has been contributing to the quality of education in the targeted schools. DEC uses innovative approaches and tools to implement and conduct Active Learning Trainings.

The objective of the project

The general objective of this project is to improve the quality of education in the targeted schools.

Specifically, the project intends:

  • Enhance the capacities of the targeted teachers, schools, and partners on Active Learning
  • Mobilized Stakeholders /Government body/to surmount their role.
  • Enhanced the number of children completing primary education by increasing enrolment

Target groups and beneficiaries

  • School Teachers
  • School Management team
  • Parent Teachers Association
  • Teachers of Collage of Teachers Education
  • Government Education Expertise

Where we implement those projects

Estie District, South Gonder Zone, Amhara National Regional State.

Successes /Achievements

More than thousands of school teachers were capacitated and have been introduced about active learning method; and contribute significantly for improvement of teaching and learning.

  • It has improved the knowledge and facilitation skills of the targeted teachers
  • It has increased children enrollments and retentions;
  • It has enhanced children’s participation in the given learning activities
  • It has enhanced the collaborations and coordination level of the schools which created strong school-community linkages
  • It has contributed to improved academic achievement.
  • It has reduced school dropouts which contributed to reduced child labor


  • Before the training day classroom observations and discussion will be conducted.The observations are analysed.Videos recorded from class used as referance to teach and assess chanages