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1 Star School Life Skill Meharebe CTGA
2 EDU-Q card 7 Step Parent Dia ACA
3 AFL Manual ATLM Lague Manual Online Survey
4 SMT Manual Coaching Tool programme  
5 ATL Manual Labour Market Assesment Tool Monitoring  
6 CTG Business Development Support Peer Book  
7 Classroom Filming– Vision Development


Planning and Reporting  
8 SLSSH Business Development Support


Ready Study  
9 Aflatoun   Monitoring Youth Participant  
10 AKVo flow /Edu.Q card/   Gender Transformative Approach  
  Coming soon   Youth friendly Skill Services  

Child Development Program (CDP)

Child Development Program (CDP) objective is to enhance the well-being of targeted children through holistic childhood care and development support and educational support.

Since 2007, DEC has been implementing a Child Development Program to contribute for holistic child development with much attention for access, equity and quality of education.  The program invests on teachers capacitate building on active learning methodology, enhancing students’ resilience power, improving skills and practice of school management team and strengthening Parents-Teachers-Student Association and community members’ participation and contribution. Strengthen child protection through shelter construction and community based prevention mechanism in refugee camp and promote safe learning environment by constructing and rehabilitating WASH facilities. It facilitate active response in emergence education and settings. The program applies innovative approach like AKVo flow /Edu.q card/ school assessment and classrooms filming to capture realities and to provide evidence based supports.