GUSO Alliance Strengthening and Sustainability workshop was conducted

From august 23 to 24 strengthening alliance workshop was carried out at debre zeyt(bishoftu), Ethiopia

Objective of the workshop: The aim of the workshop is to reflect on the baseline measurement of the GUSO programme and develop an action plan for strengthening the GUSO alliance in Ethiopia.

The participants were partners of Ethiopia GUSO alliance including DEC, FGAE, TAYA and YNSD as well as representatives from the EKN embassy and ‘Yes I do’ alliance

 Atsede Gidey (GUSO National Program coordinator Ethiopia) welcomed all the participants and invite the Berhanu from DEC to open the workshop officially


Mr. Berhanu  Demissie, Deputy director of DEC

During the workshop the opening speech was spoken by deputy director of DEC MR. Birhanu, he warmly welcomed all the participants from Dutch embassy and other partakers of the alliance program and also he encouraged all the works that had done through the collaboration of all partakers of the alliance programs, finally he said “we are open to work with other who is interested to work with us since this is the alliance”


The representative guest from dutch embassy also gives his interest about the alliance program and also says he will expect more from this alliance program after the workshop.


Before the workshop was began all participants give their expectations after this workshop ended,

berinie.JPGLucas Hendriksen (GUSO consortium team- the Netherlands) and Bertiene Dunning (Guso country Focal point Ethiopia) gives a brief introduction and discussions all about Guso project alliance around the world and in Ethiopia, said hopefully all the expectations will be satisfied

The Overall objective of GUSO is to ensure that all young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realize their SRHR in societies that are positive towards young people’s sexuality.

The program has 5 specific objectives:

  1. Strengthen and sustained alliances;
  2. Empower young people to voice their rights;
  3. Increase use of SRHR information and education;
  4. Increase use of youth-friendly SRHR services; and
  5. Improve socio-cultural and legal environment.


During the workshop different interesting group discussion was carried out and got most important ideas from the participants.

And finally they designed and get relevant points for future alliance and prepare an action plans for the next step that alliance will take


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