Goal 1:- To Make DEC Institutionally Strong, Vibrant & Sustainable CSO


  • Introduce (as required) & apply work procedures, guidelines, and performance review systems, which promote and enable an empowering work environment.
  • Periodically undertake organizational and management development programs for continuously enhancing strategic leadership capacity at all levels.
  • Set and operate clear communication and workflow lines in all directions (head office-region, region to region, a project to project, sector to sector, etc.) with a strong and function-ing feedback system.
  • Establish performance and service standards with time- frame and quality of service levels accompanied by indicators for measurement.
  • Popularize the vision mission, program interventions of DEC in a clearly articulated way and ensure that its beneficiaries, donors, supporters,
  • collaborating agencies, regulatory bodies, implementing partners, and the public at large know and sufficiently understand DEC’s role and contribution to child, youth & community development.
  • Conduct periodic self-capacity assessment initiative to identify DEC’s organizational gaps and development requirements in order to continuously improve organizational capability to effectively promote the cause of disadvantaged children and contribute towards their well being