Institutional Goals & Strategies

DEC recognizes very well the importance of developing organization and program goals and strategies. However, it also does not underestimate the need to enhance its own capacity and strengthen itself in several organizational dimensions. It has therefore developed institutional development goals and strategies to achieve the following objectives:

  • To introduce well developed organizational systems & procedures defining clear roles, responsibilities, and functional relationships of offices and staff of the organization.
  • To communicate and share the vision, mission, guiding values, and program interventions for DEC’s internal and external stakeholders and enable them to actively cooperate and participate in the implementation process.
  • To create a working environment that retains and attracts competent and quality human resources to promote organizational efficiency &  effectiveness.
  • To strengthen the income-generating capacity of DEC to generate adequate resources that could ensure organizational sustainability. Accordingly, the following four institutional goals are planned to be achieved by employing appropriate strategies.