Giving for Change (GfC) project launching

#Giving for Change (GfC) project

DEC has conducted the “Give for Change” project launching event on 25th of March, 2021 @ Elilley International Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, with the presence of donor agencies, Gov’t stakeholders, representative of targeted beneficiaries and Consortium members.

The Giving for Change (GfC) project is a five-years project (2021-2025) which is focused on enhancing freedom of speech by amplifying community voices claiming their rights towards power-holders through domestic recourse mobilization and community philanthropy, with the support of National state and societal actors in Ethiopia.  The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Ethiopia GfC Consortium partners namely Development Expertise Center (DEC), Consortium of Self-Help Group Approach Promotor (CoSAP) and Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights organization (CEHRO).

The project is designed to be implemented in 7 woreda of Oromia and Amhara national regional States and the primary beneficiaries of this project are Rural women organized in self-help groups, Youth associations and movements, small-scale farmer groups, Internal displaced peoples (IDPs), Peoples with Disabilities (PWDs), Labour Associations in industries, CBOs and CSOs etc.