Education for health and well being

Meharebe Student’s graduation.

Fourth round of Meharebe students for GUSO targeted schools are graduated on February 10, 2021 with the attendees of all Meharebe facilitators and representatives from health offices. Graduated students has prepared an exhibition for their fellow students to follow their footsteps and be inspired in taking Meharebe lessons. The students show their learning in the form of drama, interviews, dialogues, gallery walk and cultural dances. All stakeholders admits the importance of Meharebe education and assure its sustainability by forming Meharebe Club in the school.

Teacher Testament

“Thanks to Development Expertise Center (DEC) and GUSO program; we are able to address education for health and wellbeing to many young peoples in 4 years period. We faced many challenges to facilitate the session especially in COVID-19 pandemic. But the student’s interest motivates us to conquer this and finalize the lessons. In future we want to assure the continuity of the lesson facilitation by the Meharebe club”.

Student Testament

“I have taken Meharebe lesson and what I want to advise my fellow friend is ’Meharebe is a powerful tool to face the challenges we endure in our adolescent ages and to equip us in drawing a big picture for our better future.’ So you will be benefited if you take this lesson for your life and also to improve your educational achievement” at Bole Gergi School. @GUSOProgram