Story of Bertukan Wonda

My name is Bertukan Wonda, 15 years old and I am a grade 7th student in D/Sina primary school.

I am one of the beneficiaries of the YES I DO project. Before I get the training I am not informed about sexual reproductive health and their issues. In my village, we face so many problems on issues of Sexual Reproductive Health.

My family is poor and illiterate because of this financial problem my parents push me to marry someone. One day my father talked to marry somebody but my response was ‘’no I do not need to marry at this time because I want to learn. I have discussed with my father and share my idea that I have got in training. I talked to my father it is not a right time to marry and I am not ready psychologically and physically and also I am not in love with the boy. After discussion, my father accepts my opinion and he promised to support me by any means to my better education.

Generally, my further plan is learning, so I can do my further plan and I am happy to participant in YES I DO Project!