Planning future dream!


Yes I Do program is designed with the overall goal that in 2020 girls can decide if, when and whom to marry and if where and with whom to have children, and are protected from Harmful Traditional Practices(HTPs). The program is under implementation in seven countries including Ethiopia where partners with diverse and complementary expertise such as Amref Health Africa Ethiopia, Plan Ethiopia, Development Expertise Center (DEC) and Talent Youth Association (TAYA) are working in an alliance walking through five designed pathways of change to contribute to the goals. In addition to this the Alliance members has intervan in two district B/dar zuria and shiwa robit .At b/dar zuria we have 10 targeted kebelas.


My name is kalkidan Germa , am 12 years old and I was  born at Yinesa kebela.  I am a grade 6 student and I joined the Club in 2019.

Kalkidan explained, she had no plan to read text book, note books and further dreams.  Due to this her result was not good.

As she said, she gets a lot of knowledge’s a, skills and experiences form the training. She also said that all topics are smart and meaningful. However; the lesson entitled “Set future plan and dreams” has changed my life a lot. Before this training, it was really my gap and I had no idea about further plan.

She said, she has a plan and set a clear vision, her vision is to be a doctor. For instance, she has schedule to read her text books and other reference materials to empower herself. In addition to this, she identifies person to support her and she also identify challenges that may face her in the future. Surprisingly, she has no any interest to go abroad countries for a better life, because she needs to contribute something in her country, especially in the medical field. As she said, this is the result of CSE training what she has got a lot of knowledge and skills.

Finally, Kalkidan promised to share experiences for her friends for the benefit of planning for the further and she said, she would like to thanks DEC for these opportunities. Her slogan is ‘planning is good for a batter life and to easily cover our activity to do.’