A Story of Zinash Worku, Unseen opportunity has discovered!

Zinash Worku, 26 years old woman had completed grade ten a decade before. I could not continue grade eleven, as my grade 10 national exam result was low to continue my next grade level education.  “I decided to go to Arab countries to find a job because my idleness created stress on me and my family,” i said in explaining my journey. Thus, I went to Dubai in an illegal way and employed there as a house servant. However, I could not find life as I thought. Things were not in a position to allow me to continue leading life in Dubai. Therefore, I turned back to my hometown. Unfortunately, I returned without any saved money. However, I understood that lack of skill made me not successful in life and i said: “one day I will learn certain skills and lead my life better”.

In the middle of this process, I heard information about an organization called Development Expertise Center (DEC) is giving opportunity for unskilled youths. Then, registered to fulfill the necessary requirements for the weaving skill trainee.

After three months of training, I became competent in weaving. Now, I am an employee at a private enterprise working on waving and started leading a better life. I secured jobs but my vision is not limited to this. “After a few time, I will have my own enterprise and create a job for a number of people”