A better Friendship – Hanok Afram


Yes I Do program is designed with the overall goal that in 2020 girls can decide if, when and whom to marry and if where and with whom to have children, and are protected from Harmful Traditional Practices(HTPs). The program is under implementation in seven countries including Ethiopia where partners with diverse and complementary expertise such as Amref Health Africa Ethiopia, Plan Ethiopia, Development Expertise Center (DEC) and Talent Youth Association (TAYA)are working in an alliance walking through five designed pathways of change to contribute to the goals.


Hanok Afram is 13 years old and he was born in 1999e.c at Yenesa kebela. He is a grade 7th student and one of Maherba club Members to join in 2012 e.c .

Before he get the training he shamed to set, work together and no friends with girls. He look in pair girls and boys he understood they are not friendship it is relationship in love or something. In their village the community is not accepted, two cupules are doing together and walk same ware. He grows on this context so he is not accepting to do or anything with girls.

But Henok joined Maherba club he learn friendship and relationship topics. He side “When we discussed on this topic I refused to the girls is not our friend because I am a chilled, I will have to crate girlfriends at young age, after finished education.   In my thinking friendship and love is the same but now it is a big different I learn in Mhareba manual.”

In addition Hanok says ,” Friendship for girls and boys are normal and it is batter to share ideas , knowledge and challenges rather than our family when I get the lesson but for all friendship is constructed boundary  ,because the  behind of our relationships it will faced  challenges with same bad friends . Bad friends I expanded to abused their friends by drug or they drop their education and the like. So it construct boundary in our relationship.’’

AS Henok explained, now I have friends for girls and boys and we support each other by shared their ideas, knowledge’s and challenges we deserve.  After I gat CSE training I learn good friendship it batter for a god life. Finally I am happy for I get maherba training and I would like to think you DEC give endless knowledge, skill and change bad attitudes   for our further dream.