Case History

Working a work on youth which gives relief to our mind makes us very happinesss.

I am Elham Hussein. I was born in Asmara and grown to Bahir Dar city. My mother has died when I was a child. I completed grade 10 with great challenges. When I was I child I have the vision to be a famous designer. But I didnt get the opportunity for training from any formal institute. I tried to get experience from street shops to sell their product by employment.

Unfortunately, they did not want me to stay in their shop because I had no skill in marketing. I had searched for any job for 1 year. No one was interested accepting me. Because I have no any certified skill. With the announcement made by our kebeles, I was selected to get the training at Yibab textile training and production center in garment unit. Since I have the interest and commitment, I was the best performer in the training. DEC also awarded me because of my best performance from graduates. Now I am one of DEC staff on the position of Workshop Technician (Assistant Trainer) for garment training unit.