Education Program Strategies and More


To this end, education program adopt the following strategies:

v  Continuous capacity development of stakeholders through training and experience sharing visits among local actors

v  Conduct timely and common follow-up and supervisions

v  Common planning, learning, monitoring and evaluation with stakeholders

v  Engagement of students in school development programs

v  Community mobilization through sensitization and continuous awareness raising training programs

v  Linkage among stakeholders and grassroots beneficiaries

     Potential Resources

Education program mobilize resources from various donor organizations and the local community as well. The potential donors for the program are: Edukans Foundations, Plan International Ethiopia (PIE), Initiative Africa, Equal Education, Kinder Not Helf (KNH), Kinderpostzegles, ESAP-II and others. In addition, the local community makes contributions in kind in their respective schools.

     Target groups

In the year 2015, the program directly addressed 83,861 students (43,061 Male and 40,800 Female). in 75 primary and 9 secondary schools located in in three National Regional States (Afar, Amhara and Oromia) and Addis Ababa City Administration. The program will improve its coverage and in the next year (2016) the direct beneficiary will be grow to 84,961 students (43,561 Male and 41,400 Female).

      Geographic area reached

Education program is implemented in three National Regional States (Afar, Amhara and Oromia) and Addis Ababa City Administration to reach about 75 primary schools and 9 Secondary schools. In these regions, less provisioned and less accessed schools operating in marginalized part of the community are targeted.

      Human Resources Utilized

The program is led by a director at coordination level. To closely work with specific project there are 7 project officers (3 Male and 4 Female) working at different program offices. In addition, tutors from college of teachers’ education are mobilized to provide training and on job support for school teachers.