ECCD Program Target Groups

       Target groups

The target groups directly addressed under ECCD program for the past three years reached a total of 5,181 (240M and 4,870 F) parents and 6140 (3073 M, 3067 F) children.

By the end of 2016, the direct beneficiaries will reach 7460 (1119M, 6341F) parents and 10,560 (5175 M, 5385F) children in fifteen districts.

       Geographic area reached

DEC is working in three National Regional States (Afar, Amhara and Oromia) and Addis Ababa City administration. Fifteen districts from the stated regions have accessed at least with one of the thematic area. The department’s plan is to strengthen its works in the targeted districts but, adders more number of communities within the targeted districts for the coming three years.

       Human Resources Utilized

High level and middle level expertise of human resources were properly and efficiently utilized to achieve the results and maintain it. 39 peoples (29 F and 10 M) are mobilized in the department to run the program activities.