ECCD Program Strategies and Resources


The strategies utilized to the program objective are:

v  Resource mobilizations (calls for proposals, networking, lobby visit, best practise dissemination and demonstrations);

v  In kind, labour and beneficiary contribution from local resource mobilizations;

v  Involving local communities and relevant stakeholders in project implementations;

v  Programme integrations;

v  Seeking potential donors to make collaborations;

v  Post implementation assessment and best lesson documentations.

Potential Resources

DEC has good willing and is accountable to its donors and targeted communities. The organization has also very committed and expertise staffs who run the designed activities in the department. The potential at hand is the funds from the donors: Plan International Ethiopia (PIE), Kinder Not Helf (KNH), British Council through CSSP, Kinderpostzegles, ICCO Cooperation and the various contributions from the targeted communities. These are expected to be long term partners. There are high opportunities to raise resources from other funding organizations of similar goals through employing the designed strategies.