ECCD Program Major Activities

      Major Activities:

The major activities accomplished under ECCD program are:

o    Community sensitization and community dialogues;

o    Organize effective SHGs/PGs and community mobilizations on early center establishments and management;

o    Organize regular parenting meetings sessions;

o    Conduct capacity development activities;

o    Conduct Practical project visits by relevant stakeholders and experience sharing events/forums;

o    Arrange dialogue and networking forums;

o    Establish model community managed early learning centres (mobile and permanent).

o    Support transition schools and mobile reading centres


    Results achieved

  Increased income level, knowledge and practices of parents/guardians  on livelihood improvement and on holistic child care and development;

Increased participation of children age 4 to 6 years old in quality and equitable early learning program

  Increased number of children age 7 to 8 who joined primary education and successfully promoted to the next grade level

  Increased participation of actors (government, CSOs, FBOs, parents and communities) to support ECCD program better.           

    Challenges and lesson learnt:      


The major challenges were:

·         Low knowledge of stakeholders about the projects;

·         High expectations from the stakeholders;

·         High turnover of government officials;

 Lesson Learnt:

DEC closely working with communities has ensured that engaging communities in planning, supervising and implementing projects develop ownership and belongingness.  It also enhances communities resource managing and mobilizing skills that can sustain the projects after phase out. Listening to the communities need and responding to it can improve their life standards.