5. Green Clubs in the school and nutritional security
Food security, environmental protection, stable livelihoods and better nutrition are the main concern of Green Club. DEC believes that Green club can be a seed ground for students to gain these skills. We are supporting primary schools; and currently 14 Green Clubs have been established and mainstreaming food security and Climate change issues. The Green Club is led by Green Ambassadors. The Green ambassadors mobilize the school community for the attainment of the club goal.

What are the activities of Green Clubs?

• Establishment  of nursery sites to develop and disseminate multipurpose trees seedlings  to the local community and also plant them in their school compound
• Greening the school with ornamental plants and grass species that enhance aesthetic value
• Promoting the use of compost to install organic farming in the community and students mind
• Promotion of green clubs: to enhance the contribution of school community for Green club the Green ambassadors work  on awareness raising and mobilization activities
• Education: After series of training, in turns the Green Ambassadors deliver education for the school community on selected themes of climate change and its  consequences and adaptation mechanisms