1.       Challenges

·         Most of our target areas are in rural and semi-rural areas, thus electric power and Network for internet utilization sometimes fluctuate interfering with the CSE programs

·         The long standing traditional and cultural attitudes towards sexuality have challenged comprehensive sexuality education. As a result, it required exert painstaking effort to the communication interventions.

2.       Achievements

From the 2013 and half of 2015 implementation year

·         292teachers and peer educators from upper primary schools, secondary schools and out of school youth centers have been selected and trained on the WSWM and Meharebe.

·         680 Computers, 68 printers, 68 digital camera and the necessary training materials are purchased and distributed for each center and internet services installed.

·         Schools and youth centers have graduated 19,680 youths. At the end of the lessons, exhibitions were organized by students for peers, teachers, and families.

Some of the changes in youth were

-          Knowledge regarding gender equality, median age of marriage and legal consent of girls and boys for marriage, and sexual entitlements has increased

-          Developed the interest to take voluntary HIV test

-          Change in behavior seen such as delay of first sexual intercourse, use of condom and contraceptive for those who has started sexual intercourse

-          Self-confidence and ability to express oneself freely increased leading to open communication between peers, teachers and parents

Lesson Learnt

·         Participation of different stakeholders were found crucial in adoption and revision of the CSE manual to maintain its age-appropriate and culture sensitivity, quality implementation and sustainability. Therefore, the establishment of Amhara, Afar, and Oromiya Regional Advisory Group and technical committee at district level consisting of education, health, women and children affairs, youth affairs bureau has contributed towards making the implementation of projects smooth at the ground level.

·         DEC is very familiar with the school based intervention of the WSWM program. However, the youth centre based intervention of the WSWM is a complete new experience and a new exposure. Thus implementing manual was developed to guide the implementation.

·         Proper sensitization of the program to the school community, parents and government offices has contribution in successful endorsement of the program.

·         The WSWM manual being computer based and interactive methodology has the benefit of attracting youths and providing the topics in a fun way.


In conclusion, DEC has many experiences that cumulated from researches and practical implementation since its focus on SRH started.DEC follow bold and innovative approached to achieve its desired goal. Our achievements in this department has been celebrated and admired by the youth, teachers, school administration, government officials and the community. In the future, we plan to up-scale our program to all regions in Ethiopia and diversify our CSE manual to reach people starting from children to adults.


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