Strategies Employed

 Use of Innovative Approach

Comprehensive Sexuality education (CSE)- Use of Age appropriate and culturally sensitive CSE manuals (WSWM and Meharebe)targeting in school and out of school youth.The World Starts with Me (WSWM) is computer based CSE designed for age 13+ and the second manual, Meharebe, is paper based developed for age 11-13. Teacher and peer educators receive trainings on SRH & CSE basic principles and facilitation skill of the manuals by certified master trainers.

ICT tools - Addressing SRH issues in a context like Ethiopia, where most of the times considered as taboo; asks for a very critical and innovative approach. One of the innovative natures of the implementation is using of ICT to address lessons of SRH issues in digitalized form with interactive games.


Online service - provide young people relevant and evidence-based information. The online support centre contains a section where students submit Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRH) questions, which are submitted to online counselors who then send answers to the students’ emails for very personal questions. Answers to questions of a general nature are uploaded on the website for the benefit of other students. Other people can also provide additional answers to any particular student’s question.

User Friendly Manual - To address the young people where use of computer is difficult and also to be cost effective, user friendly manuals with full of interactions for both young people and teachers/facilitators is prepared and utilized.

 Enabling environment

Provision of Leisure Time–Leisure time support like trainings and different facilities to youth centers to increase the interest of young people in engaging themselves in a productive and life improving activities in a way to contribute to their lower engagement in risky behavior like drug abuse.

Link to Health care serviceslinking all the targeted schools and youth centers with health facilities through referral arrangements. These health facilities are involved in full capacity development program to make the service delivery youth friendly.

Community awareness raising- Empower local community and parents to cause a more sustainable change in positive behaviour and practices towards SRH.


Stakeholders range from government officials of Regional to district level education, health, youth and sports, women and children Affairs Bureaus and offices actively involving in project planning and implementations.In addition, partnering with like-minded non- governmental organizations for up scaling of best approaches.

Let us support children for their holistic development

22 October 2015

Children of age 0-8 years are at the critical stages of holistic development (Physical, cognitive, emotional, language and psycho-social). To accelerate the holistic development of children of these age groups,...

10th year Anniversary (2)

14 September 2017
10th year Anniversary (2)

    Thank you! DEC Ethiopia, appreciates those who participate in the 10th year anniversary ceremony celebrated on October 26, 2017 at Baherdar, Ethiopia.

GUSO Alliance Strengthening and Sustainability workshop (2)

26 September 2017
GUSO Alliance Strengthening and Sustainability workshop (2)

GUSO Alliance Strengthening and Sustainability workshop was conducted   From august 23 to 24 strengthening alliance workshop was carried out at debre zeyt(bishoftu), Ethiopia Objective of the workshop: The aim...


01 November 2018

preschool material production (PMP) Through its involvement in the education sector over the last 10 years, DEC has realized that there is a huge unmet demand for learning and playing...

Case History

07 November 2018

Working a work on youth which gives relief to our mind makes us very happinesss. I am Elham Hussein. I was born in Asmara and grown to Bahir Dar city....


09 November 2018

DEC has been giving training for primary school and O_ Class Teachers, indoor to improve the quality of education. It supports schools by constructing new blocks


14 November 2018

"Good Jop! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in schools. Now...


21 November 2018

Development Expertise Center represented by its author, Addisu Abebe, presented an abstract on the impact of Comprehensive Sexuality Education up on Academic performance on youths.  The program is now under...


12 December 2018

In 2018, DEC Star School program in Oromia Region at Liben Chukala district, Adulala  kebele accomplished the following activities under Student Led Schools Sanitation and Hygiene (SLSSH) accomplished: - being supported...

liben maintenance

15 January 2019

"Good Jop ! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in Liben area...

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