Major Activities:

Some of the major activities accomplished by education program are:

o    Continuous capacity building trainings

o    Both and inter-region and cross country experience sharing visits

o    Timely monitoring and follow-up activities

o    Community sensitization discussions

o    Provision of educational materials and school facilities

o    Construction and rehabilitation of classrooms, libraries, toilets and other school premises

o    Facilitate the linkage process among College Teachers’ Educations and primary schools

       Results achieved

*  Capacitated the school teachers in child centered active learning methods

*  Increased participation of community and other stakeholders in school improvement activities

*  Improved students’ assertiveness academic achievement and

*  Created child friendly and conducive school environments 

*  Enabled schools children become change agents in their school

10.       Challenges and lesson learnt:      

10.1 Challenges

The major challenges faced by the program are:

·         Mismatch between the needs in the school and the financial capacity to fulfil all shortcomings

·         High turnover of education experts and teachers

10.2 Lesson Learnt:

In the last years, the program has learnt that enabling and capacitating the stakeholders has indispensable role not on in achieving the desired goals but also to sustain the project.  Once the local actors are empowered and given opportunity to run the project, the possibility of achieving the project objectives increases. At the same time, the projects’ premises and yields are likely to sustain beyond the project lifetime.

Let us support children for their holistic development

22 October 2015

Children of age 0-8 years are at the critical stages of holistic development (Physical, cognitive, emotional, language and psycho-social). To accelerate the holistic development of children of these age groups,...


01 November 2018

preschool material production (PMP) Through its involvement in the education sector over the last 10 years, DEC has realized that there is a huge unmet demand for learning and playing...

Case History

07 November 2018

Working a work on youth which gives relief to our mind makes us very happinesss. I am Elham Hussein. I was born in Asmara and grown to Bahir Dar city....


09 November 2018

DEC has been giving training for primary school and O_ Class Teachers, indoor to improve the quality of education. It supports schools by constructing new blocks


14 November 2018

"Good Jop! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in schools. Now...


21 November 2018

Development Expertise Center represented by its author, Addisu Abebe, presented an abstract on the impact of Comprehensive Sexuality Education up on Academic performance on youths.  The program is now under...


12 December 2018

In 2018, DEC Star School program in Oromia Region at Liben Chukala district, Adulala  kebele accomplished the following activities under Student Led Schools Sanitation and Hygiene (SLSSH) accomplished: - being supported...

liben maintenance

15 January 2019

"Good Jop ! " It has remembered that our organization DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to back up the teaching and learning process in Liben area...


20 March 2019

REFERENCE BOOKS SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS DEC has been delivering different types of academic reference books for targeted program/ project schools in the second semester of the 2011E. C academic year....


26 March 2019

COMPUTERS IN SCHOOLS HAS BEEN MAINTAINED It has remembered that DEC has provided Computers to the project Schools in order to support the teaching and learning process in schools. And there...

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